SEO for Agencies

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SEO for Agencies

Keeping up to date with the changing SEO landscape can be costly and time consuming

Big Google updates like Panda, Penguin, and EMD have left many SEO’s scratching their heads wondering what actually works. Many have become over cautious and recommend elaborate and complex link building schemes, while others still recommend and use outdated techniques that cause harm.

Let Web Gurus do the time consuming and risky testing on our test sites to determine what works to get clients ranked.

We test SEO strategies on our own test domains before using them on client sites. This allows us to aggressively test the limits to see what it takes to get a site penalised so we can make sure it doesn’t happen to client sites.

  1. We constantly keep up to date with SEO news
  2. We’ve been testing ideas and limits on test sites for years
  3. We strive to find safe, reliable, predictable, and effective SEO techniques we can for our clients and yours

Getting the right staff expertise level and at the right price

Expert SEO Managers who get results demand a significant salary. And at the other end, recent marketing grads, although a lower cost, don’t have the proven track record or expertise to provide great results. Many agencies often have a mix of both people and what happens is the SEO Manager gets too busy managing the team and doesn’t spend enough time getting clients results.

Utilise the in-house experts at Web Gurus to help fulfil the SEO services you’ve promised your clients.

Whether you already have an in house team or not, we can help you fulfil on the SEO services you’ve sold to your clients. We only take on new agency clients as we grow our capacity in terms of both team members and IT resources, basically so you don’t have to. This leaves your team time to focus on the client relationship and getting more clients, while we get on with the fulfilment for you.

  1. We have recently built up new capacity to take on 3 additional agency clients
  2. Our link building is done in house and not outsourced to another company
  3. Our expert link building team is based here in New Zealand

Getting results so you keep clients and can bring on more clients

Often the SEO Manager doesn’t have enough time to do the SEO tasks to get results and this usually means delegating it to their team. Clients only hang around for the short term if you don’t get them results. If you forever have to get new clients to make up for those not renewing, then this becomes tiresome and unprofitable.

Have Web Gurus get results for you so you can spend more time with clients.

Getting results is our focus because we realise making you look good in front of your clients keeps them happy and wanting to continue their SEO with you. Freeing up the SEO Managers time to focus on clients also means being able to take on more clients and offer bigger packages to existing clients. The net result of this is less churn and more profit.

  1. We focus on getting results you can show your clients