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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google is a great way to generate leads quickly. The key is to use a tested and proven strategy that focuses on the right metrics to track performance.

Google Ads and the way of advertising and marketing on the Internet has changed massively over the years and it is important to be constantly testing, learning, and tweaking how we do things.

With our strategy we take a step back and approach it from and end to end marketing process.

Our focus with Google Ads is on generating measurable results at the cost per lead, and where possible, cost per sale level. Few agencies can do this. You can then say, “how often do I want to spend X to generate another lead or sale?”.

Web Gurus is a Google Partner, and Steve has sat and passed all of the annual Google Ads exams.

Tested and Proven Strategy

Google Ads and the way of advertising and marketing on the Internet has changed massively over the years and it is important to be constantly testing, learning, and tweaking how we do things.

With our strategy we take a step back and approach it from and end to end marketing process. And Google Ads and this strategy too, is part of a larger online marketing process we help businesses with.

We approach things from the point of searching, the selection of what search terms we want to show Ads for, how the Ads are worded, to the web page they arrive on and the look and feel of the page, the text, headings and how we say what is on the page, to how we encourage action in the form of call and emails.

Testing, tweaking, and tracking all these various parts of the process, help us make incremental improvements, that when all added up, have a big overall performance improvement when compared to how others implement Google Ads.

Machine Leaning & Artificial Intelligence Advantage

In the last 5 years businesses have really embraced the use of the Internet as an advertising and marketing tool, with Google Ads often the go to method of advertising. The trouble for those who have been doing it a while is that they’ve seen the cost per click continue to rise.

Our end to end marketing approach and constant learning and testing is still not enough given the shear amount of work to be done to properly optimise campaigns. Especially when using smaller budgets and the limited time the management fee affords.

What we’ve put in place is a layer of technology that sits over the Google Ads platform that can tweak and fine tune the campaigns day in day out, in near real-time.

With all of this extra machine activity, it means it frees up our time to focus on the areas that get a better turn from manual human time, rather than it being spend on low value, but often necessary tasks.

The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence learn from the activity and history and can use this to better predict how to modify things with small always happening changes. We’ve found that all else being equal, that campaigns running on the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform out perform campaigns not on it – both in terms of the cost per click and the number of clicks that can be generated, but also too with the quality of the enquiries.

Tracking Call & Email Enquiries

An often quoted line is “I know 50% of my Ads are working and generating enquires, the trouble though is I don’t know which half”. Without know what is or isn’t working, it becomes very hard to objectively enhance and improve the performance of the Google Ads.

Email tracking is done by sending emails from the website we create that are formatted in a way so you know that those enquires have come as a result of Google Ads. We can fine tune what information is collected on the form, this can help with follow up and negatively qualifying people.

We accomplish call tracking by using an 0800 number specifically for your website. The calls are redirected to your normal number, so no need to change anything at your end. In addition to being able to count the number of calls that are generated, you also get information about the number they called from, the duration of the call, and a call recording you can access.

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The Web Gurus team is dedicated to helping small and medium businesses get more leads and sales from the Internet. It’s all based on combining our experience from using the web as a sales tool since the 90s with our on-going extensive research and testing of what works today.

We package cutting edge digital marketing strategies making it straightforward for local businesses to incorporate them into their own marketing in a way that grows their profit.

Web Gurus is how we share this knowledge of how to use the web to generate leads, to market your business online and achieve real results. We are a value-added agency; we educate you and give you the tools to get greater results online.

Steve Vale, Managing Director

Steve is an expert in Sales and Marketing Automation, using cutting edge techniques to market local small and medium businesses, helping them to generate more leads and convert more of them into clients. With over 20 years in the industry, Steve knows how to achieve online results for your business.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about website design, Google Ads, SEO (search engine optimisation), or don’t know where to begin, we can help you; contact us today.

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