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The average SEO Agency takes 6-12 months. Ours is 2X Faster!

[ifurlparam param="bc"]Other SEO Agencies on Bartercard take 6 - 12 months[/ifurlparam][ifurlparam param="bc" empty="1"]The average SEO Agency takes 6-12 months[/ifurlparam]

Ours is 2X Faster

SEO Agencies have been around for 20 years and a lot has changed over that time.

Until now there were 3 kinds of SEO services. Potentially harmful off shore providers, local cowboys, and slow local agencies. But there was no safe and fast alternative for the small business owner.

That’s when Steve Vale, a professional software engineer, stopped building apps and focused on SEO and digital marketing. His mission was to create a safe and repeatable SEO method with a quick timeframe to see results.

After 17 years, testing and refinement continues to this day and results speak for themselves.

The Web Gurus SEO Method

We’re looking to get you found and clicked on in Google search results by people looking to buy. We want your phone to ring, emails enquiries to come in and where applicable – people to visit in store or buy online. This involves us researching and understanding your business and discovering what customers you want more of. Then creating a plan to do this quickly and safely.

There are 2 parts to SEO: On-Page and Off-Page ...

On-Page SEO

We take a close look at your website, looking at what tweaks can be done to improve the effectiveness of the SEO work we do. Getting this right can improve SEO results by 10x. We discuss the recommendations with you and can update your website for you or work with your existing web developer to get this done. This is not a one-off task. We look to continue to make improvements over time.

Off-Page SEO

We look to mimic what happens naturally to get your website ranking at or near the top of the Google search results. One of the biggest factors is other websites Google see as authorities linking to your website. The idea being, if all these authority websites link to your business, well, then your business must be the real authority. Over time, Google sees these links and you rise up the rankings.

No Fuss, Done For You

Other SEO companies will ask you to write content like press releases. Not us, we’d never dream of doing that, surely that’s part of what you are paying for. At Web Gurus this is done for you, no fuss SEO. We chat at the start to work out the plan and update you regularly with reports showing ranking improvements so that you take care of your new customers.

Start Seeing Results Early

While other SEO agencies say it’ll take 6+ months, with us, you’ll see results improve in the first month. Even if your website is brand new or been recently overhauled, we’ll have you moving up the rankings.

  • Cairns plumber website less than a week old reaching page
  • 2 month old BOP house inspection company now on page 1
  • Electrician, new site, no prior SEO moving on to page 1

If you’re not seeing improvements by your existing SEO company, you’ve got to ask, are they really doing anything useful?

The Multi-Lift Technique

It’s not just about single keywords or ranking for just for industry and city name combo. We look at all the related keywords and synonyms. We work to pull not just the one keyword, but all the related ones up the rankings too with our particular method. You’ll see this in action on the reports.

Now is the perfect time to start

While there is a lot of uncertainty, now is the perfect time to be marketing. Maybe your competitors are pulling back, now is the time to overtake them. When everyone else is suffering from analysis paralysis, start taking action today. We have a proven track record.

Already working with someone else? Have us dig in and see if they’ve really been doing anything useful. We can reverse engineer what they have been doing.

Web Gurus SEO Features

Web Gurus is the first high-quality SEO Agency of the new era, and we’re here to take on even the most competitive local business search terms.

Completely Done For You

While other agencies will ask you to write content and update your website, we do all that for you.

Proven Safe Method

No client sites have ever been penalised and if that ever happened, we can undo it extremely fast.

See Results Fast

You’ll see a positive uplift in rankings within the first month that’ll continue in the following months.

Talk Direct

Other agencies will have a sales person pitch you, then someone else do the work, not us.

Website Penalised?

If your website has been penalised by Google, we have a track record of fixing these problems.

Regular Reports

Get monthly reports (or more often if you want) to see how you’re ranking in the search results.

Google Ads Data

We can use your Google Ads data to get a head start on the most effective keywords to work on.

Get Started

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Monthly SEO from Web Gurus

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What if I need leads now?

SEO is long lasting, however, it’s not instant leads. For quick leads, we recommend Google Ads. You can be up and running in a matter of days.

What’s the difference between Google Ads and SEO?

Google Ads typically show at the top and bottom of the search results page. Between these are the organic search results, 10 websites listed by what Google think is the most relevant. Our aim is to have you at or near the top of page 1 as quickly and safely as possible.

How soon will I start seeing results from SEO?

There is a lag from when we start SEO to when you start reaping the benefits, we suggest you allow 3 to 6 months. This is typically half of what other agencies say. Sometimes it happens faster and we’re always aiming for that.

I’m already running Google Ads, do I need SEO?

Generally, we’ve found the acquisition cost per lead is less from SEO than Google Ads. The beauty of Google Ads is quick testing and changing of campaigns. The downside is that when the budget is used, you’re no longer visible. With SEO you’re there 24×7, you don’t pay every time someone clicks on your website. The hassle, is that it’s not instant, and does take a bit of time to get the rankings.

Which package is right for me?

Chances are your competitors are already doing SEO. The longer they’ve been doing it, the less visible you are, and the more you want to get found for, the more work that simply needs to be done. The larger package caters for being in a more competitive industry or where you want to rank well for lots for search terms, or you just want it done quicker.

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